SEO For Your Church or Non-Profit Organization
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SEO For Your Church or Non-Profit Organization

07 Dec SEO For Your Church or Non-Profit Organization

This post was originally launched in 2008. One of the key leadership development organizations for non-profit and mostly church organizations released a document outlining keys to SEO for churches. While we are thrilled SEO is finally getting a bit of attention, we also want to contribute to Leadership Network’s SEO top ten list because we feel it’s incomplete.

Admittedly they did a good job, the information was/is mostly current. However, they missed some glaring and crucial components to SEO. Here is an updated version of the basic yet crucial SEO aspects every website needs to have (for 2011).

SEO is merely a subset of your overall marketing endeavors. In the case of SEO it is exclusively online marketing initiatives. Now, SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) is divided into two major sub sets: one is the structural framework of the web site–which in itself doesn’t necessarily help your web site, and two the quality and related incoming web links.

There are SEO firms that can help, but frankly, given the markets that 95% (if not more) of churches compete in, you should be able to do some major search engine ranking damage on your own. (Please you have tech savvy teens in the congregation so give them something to do….)

Your number one focus is NOT keywords, meta tags, flashy designs, etc. No, your primary and only focus is focused content. That is, web copy directed to your target audience (which likely is no larger than your city, but probably your local community). That bodes well for churches since the competition online for local churches is practically zero.

Huge corporate firms may be interested to know about their keywords because they are trying to find the right market that people are already search for. You do’nt have to do that since it’s pretty self explanatory what your primary keywords are (church name and city).

First Methodist Church in San Diego

The vast majority of churches only need to be searched for their church name and general searches for church + community location.

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