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Our full list of features

Membership, contributions, attendance, and your small groups at your finger tips.

Team Management

Manage and communicate with your teams with simplicity. Set up alerts, assign follow-ups, track activity and attendance, run reports, and view ministry performance and production.

Member Management

Member profiles contain personal, as well as family and household information. All church activity is tracked and recorded on member profiles including: interests, donations, events, small groups, volunteers and ministry involvement, and more. Your members can also log in and manage their own information, helping keep records current and relevant with maximum efficiency. Track attendance, run reports, view giving records, and manage your members with ease.

Visitor Retention

Retaining your visitors and helping them grow as members of your church is paramount to a vibrant, healthy church. So how do you ensure that everyone is involved at some level and growing in their commitment and participation level? WCC provides the tools to help you answer these questions. Use the Visitor Retention module to set alerts, follow-up, track progress, and retain your visitors.

New Christians

You work hard to bring people to events, services, groups, and other church activities and ministries. This module allows you to add new Christians, assign follow-ups, set alerts, track progress, and run reports, to make sure that those that do make a commitment to follow Christ, do not fall through the cracks.

Alerts and Auto-Emails

Church Management Software Alerts and Auto Emails make your database automatic. Set alerts, reminders, auto emails, and prompts, to ensure there is efficient follow-up and management of your church members.

Follow-Up and Pastoral Care

Looking after people is the number one business of the Church. This module will allow you to look after and stay in touch with members and potential members in an easy and effective way.

Small Groups

Small groups make up the heart of your church, making them extremely important to WCC. Let WCC help you improve your small group communication, ensuring that everyone stays connected. Manage your small groups by tracking attendance, setting alerts, sending emails to members, and running reports as often as you'd like.

Multi-Campus Management

If your church has more than one campus, then this is the feature for you. Multi campus allows you to view your database by campus, network or by the entire database. Run reports for each campus individually or create a complete report of all campuses at any time.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the true heroes of your church. They are always there to help and get their hands dirty, so it is essential that you look after them. Create separate rosters, create volunteer teams and areas, and send automated reminders to these teams. Easily communicate with volunteers and view who is scheduled for specific services, meetings, or events.

Ministry Setup

Create any type of ministry and manage the teams, leaders, and volunteers that make it up. Track attendance, set up alerts, and run reports. Whether it is your women's ministry or your kids church, make sure each ministry is given the attention and organization it needs to thrive.

Check-in Kiosk

Quickly check in children and/or volunteers through our check-in kiosk. This allows you to track real-time attendance. It also provides security for your children by being able to print out name badges and retrieval tags. This also comes with a barcode scanner option for easier check-in and increased security. Check in multiple children from one family all at once and use self check-in capabilities at unlimited stations.


Use the roster function to create and organize attendee rosters for events, services, conferences, or meetings.

Professional Email Communication

Use this function to send professional emails or reminders to your teams, members, or volunteers, to ensure your communication is professional and streamlined.

Custom Language

You can translate any term within the database to meet the terminology preferences for your church. For example, you can translate 'Donations' to 'Contributions,' 'Small Groups' to 'Life Groups,' 'Visitors' to 'Guests,' etc.

Event Management

WCC makes it easy to create and manage events efficiently in your church. Event coordinators can book facilities, invite people via email, and track RSVP's in real-time! Church members can receive communication about event details and respond right from their personal computer or web-enabled handheld device, iPad, or other tablet. You can track and run reports on all events going on within a specific time frame.

Message Center

Communicate with team members or and individuals quickly and easily. Send to individuals, groups, or the entire database with the click of a button.


Track total giving, manage pledges, view member giving, and run reports. Members are also able to access their personal giving information and download the appropriate paperwork for their taxes

Attendance Tracking

This function allows you to easily track attendance for any regularly scheduled or one-time service, meeting, group, ministry, conference, or event. Attendance can be tracked by individual, group, and ministry. You can set alerts, and locate and follow up with those who stop attending for any length of time, as well as set filters and alerts for follow-up.

Service Management

Manage recurring services and one-time events, and customize dates. Track service attendance and giving, and create specialized reports. Include service details such as guest speakers and pledge period information.

Course Management

Manage all aspects of the classes available at your church. Track signups, attendance, participation, grading, and feedback. Use this feature to add classes to your master calendar, and run reports to help plan for future classes.


WCC offers a comprehensive reporting module allowing you to create custom reports and save them for easy access. Share and display reports in multiple formats for presentations, printed reports, and sending via email.

Integration Tools

Integrate small groups, rosters, events, and several other aspects of your database, straight onto your website. It's easy to use and extremely useful!

Customizable Design

Customize the look and feel of your database to reflect the branding and culture of your church. It's your database; make it look how you want!

Easy Setup

No one wants to use a database that takes months to figure out--WCC is extremely user-friendly. And because it is customizable, you get exactly what you want, how you want it.